Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Building manager's wife

The building manager's wife who does the cleaning for our building is totally gorgeous. She is about my age.......never mind, but slim, trim, attractive and she is such a fag hag. She has casually invited us for drinks at her and her husbands place, but never followed through. She has casually suggested that she and I should go off for coffee together, yep, that would be great, we will do that, but never followed through. When R and I were bashing off to Brunswick St for lunch and some quality time together, she said, 'Can I come? It sounds like fun.'

I mentioned to her that I have a week of rdo's next week and she said that we should go to the movies. Hmmm, I like to see movies with R. He is tolerant up to point as to what weird movie I might want to see. Upon recommendations, I probably would like to see the latest kung fu movie and the latest aussie movie. R has expressed disinterst in the kung fu movie and I don't imagine it would apppeal to H. So that leaves the Aussie movie. Maybe I can go and see it with H, and then later say it was so good, you should come and see it R, I don't mind seeing it again.

Maybe I should just ask H what she would like to see?

Or maybe I should not get so friendly with the building manager's wife?

"It will end in tears", is the refrain I often hear. But then it always has.

Perhaps I should just invite her to lunch in Brunswick St.

Yeah, c'mon H. Grab a tram ticket and let's go off for lunch together.


  1. That is so unkind Andrew, I'm sure you boys are lovely company and that is why she wants to be your hag. (or maybe she's always wanted to go out on Commercial Road, and you're her ticket?!) ;-)

  2. Not meant to be unkind. I like her. But it is a case of been there done that many times in the past.

  3. What a strange phenomenon.