Monday, August 22, 2005


I want a bicycle. I want to ride with the breeze in my hair. I want to get quickly to places without being dependant on a car or public transport. I want the excersice. I want to feel a part of a minority. I can even put up with my hair being totally spoiled by a bike helmet.

Yes, I need a bike.........a pushy.

My Dad made me a bike. He found an old frame, had it spray painted, added some smart slick wheels and a Sturmey Archer 3 speed gear box and a front brake. It was a Healing racing frame and the tyers were racing tyers.

Modern bikes have totally different gears and I don't understand them at all. I think the chain changes cogs on the wheel, but not sure. It seems very imprecise.

My bike had front brakes worked from the hand bar and back brakes worked from reversing the pedals. I think it was a drum brake in the back axel.

I paid for the lighting myself. But never used it. It was too hard pedalling for a dynamo as well as your self.

I am so igonorant, I do not know if there is still such a thing as a boys bike and a girls bike. Is there still a bar on boys and no bar on girls?

I have noticed a lack of mudgaurds on modern bikes. I won't even mention the lack of stretchy things over the wheels to stop your skirt being caught up.

I think I need mudguards. I don't want water/mud splashed up my ass in a line like I see so many.

Yeah, I will put a notice on the board. Bike wanted, working condition, less than $200. I just know I am going to make a fool of myself at some point. Help me please?


  1. Ha, ha, ha. I have never heard anyone whip themselves into such a frenzy over buying a bike. Stress less. Go to Kmart..

  2. I just procrastinating about it really. But I do like to know about products before I buy them. I think I will get a second hand bike.

  3. Don't you fucking dare buy a K-Mart bike andrew.

    Second hand is OK, but you really want to know what you're buying there...

    That's all I'm going to say. If you take those pieces of advice you will thank me, really.

    You know where to find more, I'm happy to help if you'd like.

  4. ...sorry Muffin...