Thursday, August 04, 2005


Dutiful readers, skip this one if you are not interested in high rise apartments. No one can ignore the Eureka development that has risen on Melbourne's skyline. Although far from finished, people are living there already up to around the fortieth floor or the 85 or so floors.

It is not without it's problems though. I understand one of the lift shafts is badly twisted and it will cost heaps to rectify. I have looked at Eureka's website and it looks nice enough but not really my type of place.

What I am impressed with is Freshwater Place which sits almost next door to Eureka. It's entrance is right on the river bank, the facilities look great, it has quite a number for staff to look after it, the river views can never be built out. It has a magnificent in house magazine, although I wonder how long that will continue. There is already some conflicts of interest in the management of the building. It is a large development so it will have economies of scale for maintenance. All in all very nice, although I believe it is behind schedule and corners are being cut to get it finished on time. But the price!!!!! $440,000 for what I would call a a studio and only on the third floor. I call it a studio as there is not a proper door to the bedroom, just an opening. For two bedrooms with a view, around $800,000. Of course that is what they are asking, not necessarily selling.

I wonder who could be the buyers of such expensive properties? And are there enough people with that sort of money? Anyway, Ms Freshwater, although you tried to poach our building manager, you cannot have him.


  1. The problem with high-rise is the lack of anywhere to clean your bike...

  2. If you were in our building, you could park in the lane and run a hose out from the carpark or use buckets. I have never seen it, but I think a car washing bay in large residential building would be great. I hate going to commercial carwashes. It would be much more useful than a rock climbing wall.