Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ahead of my time

It would be very rare for me to be ahead of the times, so I was surprised to learn from two different sources today that movies are not delivered to cinemas as a digital file over the net. Nope, they still carry the cans around. It will happen of course, I am just surprised that it has not as yet.

It will save the movie distributors and studios millions of dollars, so they are being called on to pay for the equipment upgrade that will be required in the movie theatres.

Sadly, it will probably another blow to the independent movie theatres.

While it is pretty obvious to me whether something has filmed on video tape or film, I wonder if there will be a difference in reproduction between digital and film? Music wise I can't tell the difference between analogue or digital. What if it is filmed digitally? I will kinda miss the occasional bit of dust on the movie screen though.

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