Saturday, August 20, 2005

428 St Kilda Rd

Things can change very quickly. This dust(mud now) bowl at 428 St Kilda Road was once a combination of flats and businesses. In just over one week, it just disappeared. Some asbestos was removed first. There was a rather good florist operating there. The pic of the building is flattering. It was horrible and very run down and I am not sorry to see it go. I just hope what is built there does not block our view of the neon ANAL sign, sorry, ANL


  1. Anonymous12:12 am

    nice to see these photos.thanks for posting. i am now living in beautiful salzburg, austria but lived at 428 st kilda rd for about 3 years and had lots of fun. especially load parties with no neighbours to complain!

  2. Lucky you living in Salzburg. I can well imagine what 428 was like. Construction of the bare site has started.