Saturday, July 02, 2005


I can't remember if it is Sour Mash or Sourmash.

The Brighton antique dealer’s toyboy is a muso, a drummer and Dame M’s delicious but alas straight great nephew is a lead guitarist and vocalist and along with harmonica player, a base guitarist and another front guitarist, make up the blues band Sourmash. They had a two hour gig at Muse Bar in St Kilda East last Friday and we went with a few friends and had an absolutely fantastic time. I kept getting a mental image of Bourbon St, New Orleans and I would never have said that I was a fan of blues music. We did not think we would stay long, but we were there for the whole two hours and stayed a bit longer to see The Showbags, drag performers who were on after them.

It is a great little venue with lots of street cred. I tend to avoid mixed venues, as I don’t want to be surrounded by giggling girls. I suppose the crowd was about ¼ gay and the rest straight. The straight guys were all friendly as were the girls, and lordy, lordy, not a blonde to be seen.

I did make a fatal fashion error. Pale shirt and jeans. No, no, I hear you yell, you didn’t, did you? Black and only black is the only possible colour. I just did not think about it until we were there. There was the usual issue of who was nominated driver. R drew the short straw. As we were leaving, I realised the bus that goes past our place also goes past the venue. Didn’t think about that either in advance. I will keep it in mind for the future.

I reluctantly made the acquaintance of transgender Terri. From experience tgs tend to be a little bit too earnest for me when I am out for a good night and she was no different. She was nice enough though and she had brought her young friend, also a tg, out for her first time.

So 10 points to Muse Bar, 10 points to Sourmash and 10 points to inner city live music at intimate venues.

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