Saturday, July 16, 2005

Memory stick

A few weeks ago, R asked me about memory sticks for the pc. I explained as best I knew and he must have been thinking about it as yesterday, along with a paper shredder, we bought a 250mb memory stick. It is a wonderul little thing. I just plugged it in a usb port at the side of the pc and it decided it would be 'e' drive and that was it. It works just like a hard drive. No more backing up stuff on floppies or burning onto cds. Actually, I will still back up on cd every so often. Charles Wright says if you don't have three copies of something, you don't really have it.

I used to use zip disks. They were ok, but eventually something went wrong somewhere, either with the disk or the drive. I remember now I have had two zip drives. History now.


  1. Andrew,

    You should really reload your template to eliminate that gap problem...

  2. What do you think M!key?

  3. Holy McJesus Batman!

    A change is as good as a holiday... oh hang on, you've just been on one!

    The double whammy! Nice work Andrew, I approve. It's very crisp, very 'now'.