Thursday, July 21, 2005

Enoch Powell

In the sixties, British politician Enoch Powell said that because of immigration to England, 'there will be rivers of blood on the streets'. I am not sure if he was talking about the Indian subcontinent or the West Indies immigrants, but I did think that he was talking about the people who came from there.

I didn't think he was talking about their English born children who would turn into suicide bombers.

They have grown up in a priveledged country, not a crap country like Pakistan or Jaimaca.

They are as English as we are Australian, and yet they want to kill their own.

I just do not understand, and as a bleeding heart left liberal, you blokes are turning me into a right winger f*** the poor, the foreign scum, the disabled, the disadvantaged and everything in between. Get up at 5.30 like I do and get a job.

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