Monday, July 18, 2005


What should I do when I come across some pics of a friend that have been published on the web? I have more revealing pics including the money shot, but none of his face were available. I am sure it is him though. I have sat on these pics for a couple of years but for some reason I feel a need to tell him (and of course prove the pics are of him). You will probably sensibly answer, don't worry, don't tell him, not your business. I am not sure why this has come to a head after such a long time. But I really feel like asking him if it is him. Btw, his bod is better now than it was then.


  1. Yummy.

    Can you email me the rest please? :P

  2. Two weeks at South Bank and you have turned already Andy.

    Only an eyebrow raised DS?

  3. Should you tell him, or should you not? Hmmmm. Interesting dilemma.

    Given you've been keeping these pics for your own private purposes for a 'few years', I think you've missed your chance Andrew. Strike while the iron is hot, I say.

    On the other hand, now that the pics are past their used-by date, perhaps a suitable time has elapsed that you can broach the formerly touchy topic of posting self-pics... It's not exactly like voting for your mate on HOT OR NOT?, but that is the general purpose of the pics, no?

    To avoid all round embarrassment, I vote for the top option.

    Whatever, post us the money shot!

  4. I suppose I could really post the shot as it still doesn't have his face in it, but not sure everyone would want to see it.

    I will probably do as you suggest Skander and do nothing. Btw, he is not my type but is R's.

  5. Bumping for all photos to be posted!

  6. post 'em in this post so you don't offend, Andy...

  7. So what is it worth? ANZ Account number 5001.........

  8. Your persistence has almost worn me down. One last question. There is plenty of porn on the net, what is the big deal?