Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Como is so nice

As well as being an extremely classy place, the staff are terribly nice at Como Cinema.

Hi mate, how you going?
Fine thanks, you?
Ok. What would you like?
Como red thanks.
How is work?
I am on holidays at the moment, so no work today.
Hey, good luck to you. Bit cold though.
Yeah, but it is ok. I am just back from Darwin.
I see. Hot there hey.
Yes, a bit hot.
What are you seeing?
Oyster Farmer.
Australian movies haven't been very good lately but I think this might be a good one.
Well, I hope it is.
Me too, I am going to see it tomorrow morning.
Here is your change Sir.
Cheers, thanks.

Sadly I think he will be very dissappointed. I watch plenty of Aussie movies and I just cannot work out what is wrong with them. It certainly not a technical thing. The film work is wonderful, the scenery equally. Nothing wrong with the acting or the characters. Perhaps I am very imbueded by American culture. But then I am not a great fan of American stuff. Ah, but I do like British stuff.

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