Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Body corp meeting

We are no longer on the body corp committee, so instead we used the time to go to the movies. Who's idea was it to have meetings on a Tuesday night when it is a bit cheaper at the movies? We walked to the Como Cinema and stopped off along the way for our evening meal at La Porchetta but I knew we would not feel like walking home after the movie, so check tram times. Ok, cnr Toorak and Chapel, 8.09, 8.28, 848 etc. We missed the 8.09 but a few minutes and had to wait for what seemed too long. I think a 15 minute service at night might encourage more people to use public transport at night. If the need for exercise and a meal is not included, next time I may take advantage of Como's cheap parking for movie theatre customers.

Upon returning, we almost literally ran into the arms of the body corp manager who had been attending a committee meeting. She seemed so terribly pleased to see us and said that we were very sensible in going to a movie rather than attending a body corp meeting. She was off home for dinner, at such a late hour. I don't envy her job of dealing with committees, tradespeople, residents, etc etc etc.

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