Friday, June 24, 2005

Yank food

I sometimes catch a bit of American tv, not deliberately, although I have started watching Despotic Houswives, but usually it is just on coz R is watching something. I often hear a reference to macaroni cheese? What on earth is macaroni cheese? Pasta in a cheese sauce?

I do know what a jelly sandwich is, thanks to lots of reading when I was a kid. For a long time I puzzled over how difficult jelly between two slices of bread would be to handle. I wonder what they call jelly?

Do Americans really get their dessert at the same time as their main or before?

I still don't really know what ketchup is. I figure it is tomato sauce, perhaps with something extra in it, like tomatoes. It is only a year ago that I learnt there aren't tomatoes in tomato sauce.

Thanks to UK visitors, I know what a chip butty is. Starch between two slices of starch.

Americans sit down to huge plates of food. I could not imagine eating half of what is on the plate.

They love our Yellow Tail wine. I like the label. I always choose wine by the attractiveness of the label.

I still refuse to call chips, French Fries, no matter how hard the Scottish restaurant tries to make me.

While I realize that there was a bit of bother over hot beverages many years ago in America, and I don't want to start any trouble, they really need to get their coffee act together. They will never be respected by Europeans if they can't make decent coffee. And I will just have a cup of coffee thanks, not a bucket.

Unrelated, but I have had some pretty ordinary cups of coffee out lately and not in any chain place. I must have a good one soon. I must consult DarkSeason' s blog for a good place to have coffee.


  1. Answering my own question, I remember now that in the US, jelly is called gello.

  2. Why eat something natural when you can eat someting synthetic in a flourescent parody of the natural colour?

    I recommend cafe racer on the St Kilda esplanade. Good for a perv and the coffee is smashing.

  3. looks like i need to do a few reviews out down your way. I have come across quite few nice places. I remember a pretty good place right near Ripponlea station. A lovely girl served me and the latte was a treat for my first one of the day.

  4. M!key. I recall you mentioning Cafe Racer before. I am not sure why I don't know it, but I don't.

  5. DS. I do know where to get good coffee, but because of my eternal hunt for cheap breakfasts, I suffer bad coffee.

  6. On the esplanade, one block south of Luna Park.