Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wind farms

Well, 'they' were not great at spinning to call them windfarms were they? Visually, I quite like them. Some surreal thing on a natural landscape. I don't believe that they really chop up birds in flight. Birds normally don't fly into things, solid or moving.

I have not seen nor heard one for real. I imagine the sound to be a gentle whoosh, whoosh, repeating or perhaps it is a low drone.

One does not have much effect on our power supply. A few of them do.

Perhaps we are being sold a turkey, I don't know.

I worry more about our water than our electricity. Desalination plants sound good. That it how they do it in the Middle East. But they take a lot of energy to produce the clean water. Now I have heard that you can have a wave powered desalination plant. That sounds very good.

While 100,000 peasants may revolt over work place changes, just wait and see how they revolt over water shortages and electricity shortages. The money is there. Governments, spend it on our futures.

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