Thursday, June 30, 2005

Waste of time

Today I marched against the workplace changes proposed by our uncaring Prime Minister's government. I did not attach myself to my union group, but just mingled in the crowd. Strangely I seemed to be always near a very butch builder or tradie. I felt quite girlie among them.

I don't know what the effect of Howard's changes will be, but if he and big business are pushing for them, then they are not going to be good for low paid to average workers.

Why doesn't this goverment want it's people rewarded in a similar way to sophisticated European countries? Why does it try to screw Medicare, subsidise the rich, stop it's contribution to dental health? Doesn't it want a healthy population? Why does it cut education opportunities for young Australians? Doesn't it want an educated population? Why does it alwasy support big business and never the worker?

I know that marching was futile. The last time I marched was shortly after Jeff Kennett was elected. It was a march of a similar size and made not one bit of difference.

How can you people vote for Howard and all he stands for?

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