Monday, June 06, 2005

Updates and a bad tenant

Here are some updates to my blog, as I can remember, of what I never finished.

The table with seats along the side that finishes at a wall is called a banquette. I prefer to call it a snug or a booth.

The cannibalized bicycle is still there.

The Nylex clock is still not working.

I am very interested in someone setting up a web site about Melbourne's public art.

We have informed the body corp committee that we are not re-nominating for the committee at this year's AGM. Disappointment expressed, as expected. No matter.

On the matter of body corporate, a tenant moved out of an apartment at the weekend. It was what we refer to as an illegal move, as he did not notify the building manager, so that lift protection could be put up and other arrangements made. He caused around $1000 damage to a exit fire door, stole a $160 floor mat, scraped paintwork and dumped two old couches in the laneway behind our building. A police report was made, photos taken, security footage viewed. I am not sure what will happen about the door damage, but he has returned the mat and has promised to remove the couches. Yet people wonder why body corp fees go up and hence their rent. It is partly due to the buildings poor claim record over the past year. The buildings insurers have increased the premium by a few thousand dollars.


  1. Andrew,

    The table is not called a banquette. This is the (preferably padded and uphostered) bench-like seat that runs along the wall. It is quite different to a snug or a booth. Particularly to a booth. I hate booths.

    Don't mean to spoil your party ;)

  2. Partly poor phrasing by me. Yes, the seat, not the table. I understood that, as you say, the seat can run along the wall, but also at right angles to the wall. I was surprised how many people knew what it was, while I had not heard of the word at all. And I don't like sitting in booths either. Your are either trapped or have to keep moving out of someone's way.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Excuse this shameless bit of blogwhoring on my part, but I've been doing a series on Melbourne public art on my blog for a few months now, every friday it is. Thought you might be interested.

  4. Blogwhoring is perfectly acceptable Laura. Great word. Will check your site out carefully.

  5. vaughan2:21 pm

    You are charging the cost of the door to the offending unit, aren't you?

    Our b/c is zero tolerance on that stuff - helps keep the costs down.

  6. Hi Vaughan. We don't have any proof that they damaged the door. It is just out of view of a camera. While they were recorded on camera moving stuff out through the bike room, they need to be actually viewed in the act. They only 'borrowed' the mat to protect a car boot and did return it.