Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tram question

Following on from my previous post about the body corp AGM, R asked me why the tram stop number in Queensbridge St was numbered in the hundreds. Usually I can answer such questions about trams, and often have to apologise on behalf of my employer. This time I could not. It is an isolated route, not connected to any other route, so it was just as puzzling to me.

The truly gorgeous, sex, Indian dance music and other music, tradie, public transport expert co-incidentally answered the question. Below is an edited version. I still don't understand why really though. There may be some format problems with the copy below.

> Hi All,> > At lunchtime today I noticed that the tramstop on the northwest corner > of the Park Street and St Kilda Road intersection was Stop 119 on > route 55 I think. This seems a very high number for a tram stop! I > know that there has been some tram stop renumbering in Melbourne.> > Is this the highest numbered tram stop in Melbourne? If not, which one > is?


Tram stop numbering on 'through' routes (IE those that don't terminatein the CBD, or that share track with other routes but continue to theother side of the city and suburbs) normally follow a pattern ofadding 110 units to the stop numbering to prevent confusion (and giveyou the impression that the network is a lot larger in the process.)For example, trams travelling north in swanston street will pass stop1 - Melbourne University - Routes 1 and 8 will continue around thecorner into elgin street, and the first stop is 111, lygon street is112, etc. For route 55 (william street routes) Flinders and Marketstreets are taken to be stop 1, where casino east (Queensberry StreetSouthbank) is stop 111, running right up to stop 119 just before thetrack meets the domain interchange (Stop 20). In addition, to prevent the pain of renumbering routes like the 70 andall the docklands routes, there has been the recent prevalence of aletter suffix to stops in new track to save having to renumber anentire route. EG the reserve track alongside the tennis centre hasstops 7A, 7B, 7C, 7D and 7E before the numbers resume their normalsequence at Punt Road.Spencer street, with it's multitudes of routes coming on and off thestreet has a quaint, and convolutedly simple way of dealing with this- it has a number sequence that is in the 120 range - and the firststops in Flinders, Bourke and collins streets have lower primary numbers.And finally, Docklands stop numbering is a D followed by a numberdesignating that it is in Docklands.But by far the higer numbers are found out on the farthest reaches ofthe 1/8 and the St Kilda Light rail (both in the 130's).


  1. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Just looked in my Melway, and the highest stop number that I can find is stop 143 at the terminus of route 112 at the intersection of Park and Fitzroy Street in St.Kilda.

  2. Yep Ben, the numbering system is ridiculous.

  3. Yeah, that would be right. And if their plans to merge the 5 and 55, or 3 and 55 together come true, william street will again see a re-numbering, as will flemington road, the Park, and the rest of the 55 to Bell street.

    Fools. And thanks for quoting me. I am far from gorgeous.

  4. Ah well, Agent, will you wear cutish?