Monday, June 27, 2005

Toys for bois

It is about two years since I have been to a suburban shopping centre. I am a bit of a strip shopping type person. But I did enjoy our visit to Forest Hills shopping centre yesterday with friends. It has ‘all the majors’, Big W, Dimmeys, K Mart etc. We were there for about three hours, which included lunch. The only waiting for food was at the KFC outlet. All the others were fairly quiet. KFC was being eaten by many people who should have been having a salad. We decided to buy some donuts and go back to our friends’ house for coffee. Now there is a chain of donut shops that has something to do with royalty as well. I could not believe the price of the donuts. R said, as usual, I am living in the past. Perhaps so. But at these prices I would have thought they would be very nice donuts. $2.60 for a jam donut. Hmmm, I thought the price was for half a dozen. Ah, this does not look bad. A kiddies pack. And it has a toy. I wonder which toy I will get? Well, the jaguar is great. I love it. The donuts were dreadful and I would never buy a donut there again. Why would people pay so much money for stale donuts, I do not know.

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  1. Isn't it funny that now even junk food is expensive? Or is it indicative that I seldom make my guts or wallet aquainted with its' vile presence?