Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ta A and H.

I could have emailed it, but instead I wanted to type it on some nice paper and put it in their mail box. After I spent some time looking in a large office supply place and realising that I cannot buy a single sheet of paper, R knocked off from his work a sheet of parchment.

******** St Kilda Rd
Melbourne 3004

29th June, 2005

Building Managers

Dear A*** and H****,

I would like to thank you both for your co-operative and pleasant manner during my time as the body corporate committee liaison person.

It was a pleasure to work with you for the benefit of ********.

Yours faithfully,
Andrew ********.


  1. Andrew, pray tell, what do you mean by otter?

  2. Slim, sleek and smooth. I used to be all three, now only the latter.

  3. Hey thanks. I was confounded.