Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pen friend

I don't have one, but a close friend has a pen friend. I suppose in these days of the internet, pen friends are a nice bit of history, but not relavent to today.

We met our friend's pen friend last night. He looked to be about 50, and I was astonished to hear that he is 73 years old. He lives in 'Frisco, California and is of a musical arty bent. Full head of dark hair, well I did notice it was dyed, maybe even a piece, but smooth face, ok stature, truly impressive.

I did not get the chance to talk to him much, as it was a party and I got busy, but R had a good chat to him and he sounds like a great guy.

He has been a penfriend of our friend for thirty years, and this was the first time they had met. Our friend is a wonderful host for vistitors, but this guy was so unlike our friend, it is hard to imagine their connection. But to write to someone for thirty years, latterly email, is truly an amazing thing.

My mother had an older penfriend who she wrote to for many years. I think it was about 1964 when my mother received a letter from Mrs Foster that was full of pain over the death of Winston Churchill. I asked my mother about her one day, and she said the letters just stopped and Mum just assumed she died.

In these shallow internet days, the thought of having a life long person to communicate with, is a very nice thought. While I love and embrace the internet, I am not so sure it is really to the benefit of womankind.

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