Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More on car parking

I can recall parking issues in downtown Belynda town in Gippsland when I was a teen. It does not matter where I have lived, there have always been carparking issues. Even now we have our own issues, although mobile phones have made it much easier. Now if I am leaving after R in the morning, I call R on my way home, he does not answer but calls back so I know he has received my call. I do not answer. By the time I am at our car space, he is waiting and has moved his car out and ready to drive in behind me. Tnadem parking is good, much better than one space, but not as good as side by side.

Last week's parking was hideous, even in our smart apartment building. I'll go backwards. Friday lunchtime, a delivery truck was parked across our car park entrance. There was no choice but to just wait until the driver returned. Five minutes maybe. I noted down the truck details but have yet to call the company to complain.

Wednesday, return to work after lunch. A truck in the lane blocking me from going the way I wanted to. I had to go the long way. Annoying.

Monday, I arrive home for lunch and there is a car in my space. Someone arrives in a car and in poor English says it is his friend. Then he says for me not to blame and get angry with him. Yes, I may have been a bit wrong about that, but I did think he was closely connected and maybe he was.

The last time someone parked in our car park, I sort of blocked them in, but not well enough, as they managed to get their car out without having to call me to move my car.

I will do it properly this time. I was so angry.

Turn back the clock to when we first arrived and a couple parked in our car space. They were close by and I was very annoyed and curt with them. They have not done it since and we have since learned that it was the body corp boss who I have issues with. They were loading their car for their journey to their other property at Ocean Grove.

This time, no holding back. I was very angry. Refer to a previous post about shaking. I blocked the offending car in properly. Normally the first thing I do when I arrive home for lunch is have a cup of coffee. I almost managed to hold it still, but my stomach was so churned, I could not finish it. While I knew I was taking years off my life and I may have a heart attack within the next couple of days, I did not care.

I was waiting for the intercom to call for me to remove my car so the person could get out. Instead, it was a timid knock at the door.

Anyone who knows me know that it is very rare that I swear. But to this quite attractive, maybe Asian, petite woman, I said, and I will quote, "If you effing well ever park in my car space again, I will effing well kick every panel in your effing car in. We have effing well paid $60,ooo for our car spaces and when I come home form effing work, I expect to be able to effing well park in our space." She of course was very apologetic. She almost got me unhinged when she looked goo googed eyed at me and said "please don't be angry, I was only unpacking some heavy stuff from my car".

Stupid bitch, she should have called on the intercom and then she would not have had to travel down to car park in the lift with me.

I stormed out of the lift, and a lot more of me was shaking than just my hands. I flung the door to the carpark open in her face. I moved my car and she parked in her car space. I noted the apartment number her bright red Audi was in, but funny, it has not been seen since. She was obviously not even a resident.

Next time, I will pay to park in the street and knife every tyer. My home, including car park, is my castle and you will not infringe.


  1. Wow, PMSing today, aren't we? :P

    Although, I do agree with your sentiments. If there is an allocated car park, it's yours, and you should be able to access it when you need to, regardless of the hour or situation.

    I used to work at a place in Richmond, on Church St. We had our own parking, but it was double parking, if that makes sense. First person would drive in, then you would drive in behind them. It was all reserved, and our company had maybe 30 reserved spots. If you blocked someone in, they checked the lounge area for your rego so they could see who to ask to get you to move. Confused?

    Anyway, there was a gym in the same block, and all the arrogant cunts who went to the gym used to park in our spots. I took great pleasure in blocking them in, and then refusing to move until my lunch break or sign off to move my car. They never learnt.

  2. Yeah Andy, you can educate one person, but not the world. You must have massivly inconvenienced them though. Well done.