Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Haircut, loons and bills

I used to get my hair cut at GI Joes in Commercial Rd, Prahran, but there is also a branch in Brunswick St, Fitzroy and I prefer the staff there. I had a haircut today. It was my bonus hair cut. I had filled my card and the haircut cost $12. I travelled by tram and there were the usual loons on the trams.

Case one. I sat sort of opposite a young bloke with slightly foreign looks. I was facing the rear of the tram. St Kilda Road is very familiar to me and I had no desire to look out the window, so I read my newspaper. The bloke sitting opposite me was wearing grey track suit pants, and from the corner of my eye, I saw his hands move towards his crotch. One hand sat one side of his crotch, the other hand the other side. He kinka pushed his hands together and it was an impressive bulge. He never looked at me at all. I dunno what it was about. If he was a working boi, then an improvement in his appearance would help. Really, I pretty well ignored it.

Case two. I boarded a B class tram that had many seats removed and leaning rests instead. I would have prefferred to have a seat instead. Two guys sitting nearby. They alighted from the tram. Another person picked up a half full can of bourban and coke that they had left sitting on the floor, leant out the tram and threw the can at them and said that they should 'take thier f***ing can with them'. Liquid from the can went over one of them. I liked that.

Case three. "Man I gotta a gig. Playing with ????. Meet you at the Espy? ?????? are playing. (This went along in this vein for ten minutes) "Ah, f*** no, you there? F***, my battery has gone flat" He then criticised himself for five minutes because he had forgotten to charge his phone and he needed it all day. He was sitting behind me. As I rose to get off the tram, I checked out what he looked like. About 50, with long dyed red hair.

Andrew, tolerance, respect for difference, social empathy. Keep trying Andrew.

PS I am in a grumpy mood.

I just paid

Body Corp fees, $798, 3 months

Gas hot water $71, 2 months

Internet $54, 1 month

Phone, $101, 1 month, 2 mobiles and home phone

House contents insurance, $192, 1 year

Visa, $50, pay what I can monthly or if, rarely, I have an excess of cash

R, home mortgage, $475

R, flat mortgage/expenses, $90

Food kitty, $100, fortnight

If I was a business I would be bankrupt I think. Don't think though that you can work anything out from the above..........I can't really. Money comes in, money goes out.

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