Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Feet 10, tram 5, car 0

It was the AGM for out body corporate. The body corp managers are located in Queensbridge St, near the money palace. We intended to catch the 55 tram which would drop us off at the front door, but we had enough time so decided to walk.

On our way out of the building we said hi to some other residents who were also on their way to the meeting. It was about a thirty minute walk. We had arrived and were seated before the people in the car arrived.

We learnt later that another resident also saw them on their way to their car. She caught the tram. She beat us by five minutes and the car drivers by ten minutes.

So today feet scored 10, it was a beneficial exercise and a pleasant walk. Tram beat the car easily but tram travel can be unpleasant at times, so tram scored 5. The car was a foolish idea.

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