Thursday, June 02, 2005

Doctor doctor

My doctor is gay and he is also ethnically Asian. He is hot and not much younger than me. I have seen him out at venues and he is mostly in the company of Anglo Australians. He has marched in the Mardi Gras Parade and been on tv a few times. He also knew well someone who was a good friend to me and who was murdered.

But he spends so much time on and now it seems he has found another gay hook up site,

I hope he is using his full concentration when I visit his surgery and not thinking about his next bit of dick.


  1. Are you stalking him on those sites Andrew? (or is the world small enough that word gets around?).

    You'd better check the sheet on the examination bed next time he asks you to lie down for a quick "check up"...

  2. M!key, I guess I am a stalker type person.

    But, I was alerted to the doctor's prescence on by a friend. While surfing around the net where you shouldn't be, I came across him in

    It would trouble me a bit, except his profile says 'looking for friends and guys to hang out with'

    He should try then hey. Coded stuff methinks.

    Should I send him an email with a link to my blog post? It is all anon.