Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Country coffee

I recently read a criticism of coffee served in country Victoria. It went along the lines of one cafe gets a machine, one staff person plays with it and maybe learns how it works, and then he or she is an expert and teaches everyone else in the town. Everyone is drinking crap coffee in this country town, but hey, it came from the machine, so it must be good.

But that is not my experience. I have had some quite good coffee in country towns.

Although their
sausage rolls were superb, their coffee was lousy. And this is the mecca that so many aspire to. That is downtown Acland Street, St Kilda. And it is a long wait for your coffee to be delivered as well.

Ummm, and I got it a bit wrong thinking that our Queen's birthday holiday (happy birthday Betty Battenburg) might be a bit quieter in St Kilda. It wasn't, and as usual, the five part new trams were running on the very quiet route 5 and not on the very busy 16 route. Mr Adelaide, go back to Elizabeth and Mr guitar/vocal person, you can't sing and you can't play either. Rule #? You will not play a musical intrument on a tram. Rule #? You will not solicit alms on a tram.

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  1. Yeah we lived in St Kilda for a while (well a decade) and the weekends just got worse and worse.

    Haven't heard it yet myself, but apparently the screech from those new trams violates EPA guidelines when they turn from the light rail onto Fitzroy St.