Thursday, June 30, 2005


When on hols, I feel a bit obliged to cook. I don't have may recipies up my sleeve and again I have made pea and ham soup.

But later in the week, I will make Blanche's special fried rice. It is enough for a meal. Here is how it goes.

1 cup of rice.
3 eggs
3 stems of sping onions
a quarter of a red and/or green capsicum
1 cup of peas. I just use frozen.
some chinese pork sasauge. you don't have to go to the Asian grocer. It is available in supermarket now. You need six sausages, that is one small packet. You could use a few rashers of bacon instead.
Ginger, garlic and chilli. You can buy fresh or use if from a jar as I do. 1 heaped teaspoon of ginger, 2 of garlic, 3 of chilli. If you don't like it hot, reduce the chilli and perhaps the ginger.
Oil for frying, I use peanut oil.
Sesame oil. Optional.
Fish sauce, also optional.

You can use a frypan, but it is better in a wok over a wok burner.

Cook your rice, whatever way you like. It is supposed to be better if you have chilled it, but from experience, that is not important.

Stir the eggs up, no need to mix them through and tip them into your hot oiled wok. Chop them up with the edge of a spoon or similar, and break them up into small pieces. Turn them out onto a plate.

Add more oil and put your capsicum into the wok and tip in the garlic, ginger and chilli. Capsicum should be about 30mm long, just over an inch, and under 10mm wide. Cook it for about a minute in a hot wok. Tip it out onto a plate.

Add more oil and fry your sliced pork sausage and cook until the fat is clear. The slices would be less than 10mm thick. Tip it out onto a plate that has kitchen paper towel on it to absorb some of the fat.

Microwave you peas in a bowl until they are just cooked. 1 and 1/2 mins for a cup of frozen.

Peel and cut up your spring onions. 10mm is fine.

By now your wok will be pretty dirty. Give it a clean out. Under hot water with a brush is the way I do it.

Pour yourself a glass of plonk, sit down and think about the compliments you will receive.

Ok, you need to be organised now. Have your table set. The pre warmed plates ready. You can do that in the microwave too. 1 minute is adequate for two plates in a modern microwave. Don't use the plates with the silver/gold bands though.

Add oil to the wok, maybe two tablespoon full, or a good glug. Add some sesame oil, a few drops. Get your wok hot. Smoking hot.

Tip in the rice. If it is nice and fluffy and separate, great. If it is not, break it up before hand.

Chuck everything else in and mix it through.

Add some fish sauce about halfway through cooking. Block your nose and a half a glug will probably do.

Total cooking time of rice with ingredients, maybe four minutes. Longer if you are on a stove and using a frypan.

Serves two easily as a meal.

Next time you make it, you will know to perhaps add more chilli or ginger or garlic or fish sauce.


  1. I agree that your fried rice recipe is better than mine. But mine can be made by a 14 year old boy without mishap and can be used to feed a whole family without killing anyone. For that reason alone, I love it!!!

  2. Indeed, I am sure it is easier. I only brag about mine because it is one of the about only three things I can cook.