Thursday, June 30, 2005

Building disaster

It was a bad day for our building today.

Last night the remote operated front doors failed in the open position. Also the emergency button for opening them was broken. Not sure if they are related. Also an interior door would not open with the remote. Our building manager and cleaner are a husband and wife team. She rugged herself up in as many clothes as she could and spent the night guarding the building. I am not sure why they didn't call in a security guard. Staying up all night is above and beyond the call of duty. They also stayed up New Year's Eve all night, but that was his fault as he suggested that we did not need security on NYE.

Making it worse, a back door was propped open, and the breeze going straight through was freezing. There is supplemental heating for the foyer, but it is never normally used. It was on today though, but having little impact.

The back door was propped open as someone was having new carpet laid in their apartment. So one lift was isolated. A long wait for the other lift at times. The lift is making some terrible scraping noises.

(Post to A lift in our residential building stopped between floors. One person inside. He called on the emergency intercom but it would not work as our body corp managing company had paid the phone bill late and the phone company had disconnected the line. Fortunately his phone still worked in the lift).

A corroded fire system pipe in the carpark was being replaced.

The pool man was here. He should have fixed the vertical blowers in the spa but did not.

The pool heating had broken down last night and the pool heating contractors were here. It did not get fixed.

Essential services were in the building replacing some emergency lighting. They left grease foot prints on the carpet on our level. I called H and also mentioned that a wall light had gone out on our floor.

Their was a pool of water in the carpark from the pool heater problem and another pool where the fire pipe was replaced.

A water circulation pump has broken down. We can manage with one, but it it has to work hard and there is no back up.

Today was the only day I have really wondered about the wisdom of high rise living.

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