Monday, June 27, 2005

Boredom and advice

A week off work and it stretches long in front of me. I never admit to boredom and I am sure I will find plenty to occupy me for the week.

When I picked up our travel itinerary from our
travel agent a few weeks ago, Jonathan asked if I was getting excited about our trip that starts next week. I replied, please, Jonathan, it is Darwin. What is there to get excited about? But it is close now and I am looking forward to it.

Back to this week. Due to various reasons, one being no work for a whole week, I had way too much glasses of wine last night and really blotted my copybook.

Hard to believe after reading The Age last week where there was an article about people being drunk and writing inappropriate emails, sms and phone calls, that I did exactly that.

But I did do one of the above last night. This morning I sent a humble apologetic email and the guy graciously convered for me. I think it was in his interests too.

I have seen many people do this in various forms and I thought I was above that, but it would seem not.

Take note, almost every phone, email program etc has a faciltiy to save. Do that and review what you have written the next day before sending. Most humble apologies to the person concerned.

Excuse me while I top up my evening cup of Chinese green tea.

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