Monday, May 09, 2005

Terrible skin disease

Ok, I am exaggerating. But I had developed an underarm rash. I mentioned it to my mother and she immediately asked what deodorant (I want to put a 'u' in there, but if I do, the word won't look right) I use. Rexona for MEN I replied. None of that girlie smelly stuff or atmosphere destroying sprays.

She suggested I try Mitchum. I went without using deodourant (see, it doesn't look right) for a few days but my neck started aching from bending to self conciously sniff my armpits. But yes, the rash disappeared.

Today I bought some Mitchum SPORT. I now smell like a cross between what I remember a pink musk stick smelt like and Johnstone's baby talc.

As an aside, I don't mind the smell of fresh sweat, but stale is horrible.

I wonder if a search engine will pick up the highlighted men and sport and get me lots of readers.


  1. Mum hypo-allegenic.

    I know that the container is pink, but then no-one has to see it, except you.

  2. Anonymous12:44 am

    You arn't alone. I developed a similar rash about a month ago, and I also use(d) Rexona for Men. I stopped using it and the rash went shortly after.

  3. Seems like Rexona need to get some more rabbits for testing their deodorant. I will see how I go with the Mitchum. But will keep Mum in mind.

  4. I just checked my can of Lynx, and it spells deodorant without the "u".

  5. Yep, common usage is definitely deodorant. And yet we use odour.