Monday, May 30, 2005

Odd game

We were having pre dinner drinks in the public bar of the Rosebud Hotel and because of where we were sitting, were almost forced to watch what was on the monster large screen tv. It was rugby. I played it at school a few times but I really have no idea of what it is about apart from being a ball game and there are two types, union and league.

Oh yeah, you get quite close to your fellow players too. I expect I enjoyed that part along with the change room afterwards. I soon learned why Fats Aitken acquired his name and that the nerdiest guy in the school would probably become quite popular in his late teens. The growth hormones in the classmate we knew as 'proffessor' obviously went to his brain and not elsewhere but I was a bit puzzled about the Greek boy and what was hanging from the end of his d'ick.

I don't know which type of rugby we were watching but the team was St George. I worked this out from the knights with red motifs running around the ground from before it started.

The few people watching intently were quite passionate. I am not sure what they were being passionate about as nothing was happening apart from a game that looked like stacks on the mill. The camera focused on someone running across the field, without a ball, and the cheering became louder.

I guess we watched for ten minutes and afterwards, the only thing I could think was why?

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  1. That be rugby league you be watching Andrew! Union is better, if more confusing at times.