Monday, May 30, 2005

My opinion on the good doctor

Last year before a holiday, I quickly burned some music cds of stuff I had downloaded and had sat on my hardrive for some time. We were travelling by car and so needed some music. Without really sorting the music out, I just burned away. The result expressed my taste in music. Here is a example track listing.

Peggy Lee, Fever.
Murray Head, One Night in Bangkok.
T Rex, Get it On.
Gary Jules, It's a Mad World.
Kirri Te Kanawa, Madam Butterfly.
Irish Rovers, Lily the Pink.
Chemistry, Pieces of a Dream (Cantonese?).
Junior Jack, Esamba
Mundian to Bach Ke, Panjabi MC.
Love Shack, B52s

As you can see, a mix like this on one cd could possibly do your head in so I thought it was time to sort the messy business out. Easy I thought, drag the music files from the cds to my hard drive, sort them into some sort of grouping, then reburn them.

Nope, computer said no.

I started to do battle, and then realised it would be just as quick to download them again, and not bother with the ones I no longer wanted, such as Rolf Harris's Jake the Peg.

A must have for me is Soft Cell's Tainted Love. I needed their original plus a remix. That was easy. Music is now sorted and ready to burn.

Onto last Saturday's night tele and it was a magic moment in Dr Who when an ipod (juke box) appeared and immediately started playing Tainted Love. Very clever. I am not really into scifi and never watched Dr Who often, but I am enjoying this new series very much. It is clever, well written, loud and subtle with fantastic effects. I won't be missing any of this series.


  1. I don't want to seem like a condescending prat, but you do know that you can't actually "drag" music from a CD to you computer - you have to extract or "rip" the music to files using a program that performs that function.

    Tell me to get stuffed if you knew this already...

    Bizarro mix BTW,


  2. Thanks M!key. I guessed it was a bit more complicated than just drag and drop so that is why I downloaded it all anew. But it does pi!ss me off that I can't work so easily with my my illegally downloaded music.

  3. yeah, piracy on the high seas was so much simpler...