Monday, May 09, 2005

Hot air

It was about 200 metres away. I waved and someone waved back. It was 5 degrees outside. Brrrr. Click the pic for a bigger view.


  1. Thanks, but not got the cam thing perfect yet. It was not in your face as I saw it.

  2. Oh you lucky bugger, I never have the camera around when I want to take the shot and my phone doesn't count.

    I noticed the balloons around twice last week, it's a great sight to see in the early morning.

  3. Nice shot. It reminds me of a wintery Canberra morning, where you can see up to 20 baloons rising from the fog over the lake... a truly great sight early in the morning. The only difference is that in Canberra it would be likely to be minus 5 degrees C...