Sunday, May 01, 2005


I have been sorting out some old papers and stuff. I had kept an insert from The Age’s Good Weekend magazine dated 21st January 1995. This was no doubt a reference to help us when we bought our first pc.

Here are a few gems I found.

“By 2000 we reckon that 60% of Australian homes will have pcs.” Perhaps correct in 2000.

“If space allows, try to give the computer it’s own room where the children can fully explore it’s educational benefits”. Now days the advice is to keep it in public area where you can see them searching for big boobed Betty and chatting online to Daddy46.

“Programs may only need 386 processor, but they will run considerably better on a 486”. Imagine the potential of a Pentium 5!

“The ideal starting point is 8mb of ram”. I think our present one is 512mb or close to that.

“Hard disks are getting larger and cheaper and most retailers recommend no less that 400mb for a pc”. Our present one is 80gb, that is over 160 times that size. But for once, I think it might be enough for a long time to come. Only because you cannot trust a pc, so must burn stuff onto cds and so reduce what is stored on your hard drive. Now when the have crash free, loss free pc, then we will need even bigger hard drives.

From The Age Extra in December 1994, Charles Wright, who still writes a computer column in the Green Guide, suggests that the amount of information on the information super highway is immense. I wonder if he has an adjective for what is on the net now?

“A 14,400bps modem will transfer a 200kb file in 2 minutes”. That is just one picture folks and not even a very big one. Imagine sitting there for two minutes waiting for a picture to download…………umm, we did, head, chest, navel..............

“To enjoy the new range of games and information programs on CD ROM, you will need at least a double speed CD ROM drive”. I think our present one is 40 speed.

I have never really been a pc game player, but for those of you who are, perhaps you remember some of the advertised games. Killing Moon? Theme Park? Outpost? Myst? Air Warrior?

Lastly, the top selling CD ROM for 1994 was Microsoft Encarta Encyclopaedia. I had that CD, but when Windows 95 was reloaded onto our first pc after a year of use, it would no longer work. No matter, the net quickly did away with the need for it.


  1. It is amazing how computers change so much. I think last year was the time where it actually has slowed down for a moment. Well there haven't been many significant moves from the Pentium 4 even though there is supposed to be a new processor to be introduced, but when we don't know yet.

    Computers of old make great door stops.

  2. In 1990, when I was just 12, our family got out first PC.

    640k RAM
    20Mb HDD
    Windows 3.11
    9 pin dot matrix printer
    14" VGA monitor
    3.5"/5.25" FDD

    .. all for $4,975.

  3. Apart from you bragging of your comparative youth, wow, that is a lot of money. Equivalent now to maybe $10,000? A friend had a dot matrix printer and used to lock in a box to cut down the noise when it was printing.