Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Our visit to Rosebud last weekend was great. We skillfully chose the worst weekend weather that we may have had since December last year. Point Nepean walk is great, I think. We did not do it. as it was rainy, squally and windy. We ended up in the Pig and Whistle in the middle of the Mornington Peninsular. Sitting outside on a warm summer day must be magical, but it was not the case.

We arrived at the house to stay, and it was so cold. Cold that I had forgotten. Cold like the when we lived in our house in Balaclava and had been away in winter for two weeks. Cold like you walk into the house and it colder that the outside air.

I am so spoilt now. The lowest temp I have seen on our clock/thermometer at home without heating is 17.9 and the highest when the sun is shining in directly, and no cooling is on, is 26. As soon as the sun goes off out apartment, the temp drops.

Fortunately, the house at Rosebud had a wall furnace and it heated the place well, even if it did send us to sleep.

If you are buying a house or apartment in the near future, factor in the cost of a reverse cyle air con unit and look for an installation position. You won't be sorry. Buy Daikan, they are good.

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