Sunday, April 03, 2005

My eyes are dry and I can see

I am normally pretty tolerant of folks and their foibles, but I really don’t have much time for organized religion. (Someone may add here, 'you? tolerant? haha')

The old Pole in Rome has died. I shan’t shed a tear. Homosexuality is an ‘objective disorder’, he said. ‘If it is not a sin, it is evil’. The ‘tendency is ordered toward intrinsic moral evil’.

‘When rights of homosexuals are protected, family and society are threatened.’

‘Homosexuality threatens the lives and well being of a large number of people.’

While I have little time for homosexual marriage, he said ‘it is a new ideology of evil.’

'You were christened catholic? You were brought up as a catholic? You have the catholic faith? Out arms are out to you. Oh, you are gay, sorry, you are not welcome. Go away now please and don’t come back to our church. We are busy with cute young kiddies anyway.'

You don’t have to go back to the Spanish Inquisition. Just early to mid last century, the catholic church supported the brutal torturer General Franco in Spain. Late last century it has supported right wing terror militia groups in South and Central America against democratically elected governments and also didn’t it support Cheuchesku?, that madman in Albania?

It won’t allow decent contraception to be used. No surprise there that they want the population explosions in third world countries that have a strong catholic faith. The catholic church may not have much credence in some places, but it sure has some numbers among the poor and poorly educated.

You may think that it would like to keep it’s numbers high by suggesting that it would be wise to use condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS. Nup. And millions suffer and die. But the church’s brainwashing is so good, no doubt the victims think they are going somewhere better.

In my own hometown of Melbourne, how many acres of slums did the church own? How many poor people did they evict and turn onto the street when times got tough.

While a pregnant woman is tearing her heart over deciding about an abortion, does the church support her? Nup.

I am sorry for you decent and honourable catholics and people of the church who have a strong faith and are good people. Many things have been done or said that you may not agree with, but sorry, you are misguided to stick with such archaism.

I am very dry eyed about his death, hate all the media nonsense about it and I hope his successor will be somewhat more enlightened and bring the catholic church into the 21st century.


  1. One could speculate about his successor, but keep this in mind: the successor is voted for by the cardinals. And he appointed most of the cardinals himself. So you're unlikely to see much of a shift from the current way of thinking.

  2. Sadly true. Wonder why 'he' changed the voting system so that if they cannot elect a pope with a 2/3rd plus one majority in two weeks, then it is first past the post. Surely an opportunity for some machavellian manoueverings.

  3. Yeah, I have to agree with you on this whole Pope business. When I heard he was very sick, I didn't really care. When I heard he died, I felt happy. But then again, I am against organised religion in all forms, as I think it does more harm than good.

    It's always interesting to listen to older people who were brought up in catholic schools, and see how ignorant and intolerant they are of things. My mother seems to think that all "queer" people are kiddy fiddlers.

  4. Where I totally agree that the Catholic Church is fairly fucked (their stance on abortion and homosexuality is unforgivable as is the systemic cover-up of sexual abuse) I just want to mention this re: contraception.

    The doctrine states that sex is for procreation only between husband and wife. I think that no contraception is totally consistent with this. You can't pick and choose which bits of the doctrine you want to follow. (Are you listening to this Tony Abbott???)

    I think it's unrealistic (and stupid) to say only husband and wife can have sex and then only for proctration but IF you are following Catholic law then it follows that contraception is unnecessary.