Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Highriser in strife

Is strife an Aussie word? If it isn't, it is still a pretty good word.

As a very active member of the body corporate committee of our building, I am prepared to be criticised. But I have now been on the receipt of some downright nastiness.

There are two types of bodies corporate. One is where there is a secretary who handles day to day stuff and is probably a boss in a a way. The other is our style where all decisions are totally consensual. But I would say invariably in this type there is a boss anyway.

This boss likes to have total control, is a good speaker and persuader. When in charm mode, he is excellent. Challenge him, and you are in trouble.

Not that I did. I like to get along with people and reach agreements on stuff.

But at this moment, I feel like getting out of it and handing it over to my partner, (from here on referred to as R.) While he might not get things going like I do, I think he is much better at meetings and making a wise and considered comment at an appropriate moment.

Our AGM is in May where I can renominate as a committee member and I have some serious thinking to do about the whole thing before then. Do I leave the committe and let this person win? I have contributed a lot already and will continue to do so if I stay. Should I let R do all the meeting stuff and I just assist him as seems appropriate? Should I continue as I do now and try to deal with the friction? I am really not sure I am up for it. Other committee members would be disappointed, I think, if I did not renominate.

My own credo that I worked out shortly after I joined the committee, was that I will always do what is best for the building and the residents and always act openly. While I may have my faults and may not always get everything right, I believe I have followed the above.

Bodies corporate are certainly very hard political things. We learnt that many years ago. Pity we forgot.

R always said it will end in tears. Perhaps is has.


  1. I suggest that you do keep going, if you think that it is in the best interest for yourself and your partner.

  2. Thanks. While to our financial detriment, we have changed houses many times, I can really imagine living here when I am really old. I can wait out the old whinger. At some point, I will have serious talk about it with R and see what he thinks.