Monday, March 28, 2005

Vale Paul Hester

Crowded House drummer Paul Hester died today. While it is very sad for his family and I am sure many will miss him, I don't know anything about Crowded House or Paul Hester, but so many other Aussies are writing tributes, I thought I better say something.

Hmmm, is this post in bad taste? Sorry.


  1. Why do you have to say anything - if you didn't know the group or the guy? You don't HAVE to say something because others are writing tributes. Your post is not in bad taste but is more wasted post - you're better doing the post and adding links to other tribuite sites/blogs.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The reasons are:
    1/ This blog is partly a diary.
    2/ I may in the future develop a sudden interest in Paul Hester and Crowded House and perhaps it will have all began with his death. Here is my reference point.
    3/ An overseas friend reads this blog and she may or may not know of him and his death.
    4/ Thought I better post something for the day and I did not have the energy to try to write anything clever.
    5/ It is a bit ironical
    6/ There is serious gap in my knowledge of music around the period of Crowded House.
    7/ It is a bit provocative and so should generate comments.
    8/ Since everybody seems to know him so well, why don't I?
    9/ It is my blog and I write what I want
    10/ Perhaps the above should have been the post and not what I originally wrote.