Thursday, March 03, 2005


The cars have been moved at last, so it would seem the occupants aren't missing in the tsunami.

So no 4WD for Andy, or free accomodation and a sports car for William.

I, foolishly, ventured to Carlton to visit Readings and check out the Jaques Tati dvds. They were available for $35 in Readings and the same price in Borders across the road. Why foolish, well what should have been an easy trip on one tram, turned into a marathon.

The Australian Grand Pricks cars were on display and racing around the city. So public transport and traffic was much disrupted. I caught the bus to cnr of Latrobe and Queen, then tram to Swanston, then another tram from Latrobe and Swanston to Lygon St. Must be an easier way to come back. Not really. I caught a bus to Lonsdale and Elizabeth, walked to Queen St and then the bus home. What should have been a quick trip took ages.

Anyway, two dvds at $35 equal $70. Available over the net including postage for maybe $63.50, a saving of $6.50. But I like Readings, an independant retailer of books etc, so given the price difference is not huge, I will buy them there I think.

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  1. I'm guessing you can probably see the GP from your balcony.

    I also wonder why Bracks hasn't passed legislation forcing people who live in high-rise apartments to erect a barrier to stop them seeing the GP for free.