Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tourist in your town

Melbourne town that is. Which one of us local residents has not been to Mt Dandenong? The last time I was there, the building were derilect and boarded up and what remained was very shabby. But when my family, my partner and myself visited on easter Monday, it had been transformed.
Beautiful lawns with tables, nice cafe and restaurants, stunning gardens that are yet to mature but with a great framework, a maze in development. It was magical.
If you want one of the picnic tables, get there by 11.30-12.00. There is a very nice new barbeque too. Telescopes are on order.
Just choose yourself a warm, clear sunny day and go. You won't be sorry.
From there, we went onto Olinda Falls. It was nice to see in spite of the hard walk. Oddly, I have never seen them before. They are not Niagra Falls, but a nice rocky bushy Aussie waterfa


  1. Last time I went there it looked boarded up. The view is always spectacular from up there. Night or day.

  2. Night? Never been there at night and not had a reason to!!!!!!