Tuesday, March 01, 2005


In our car park sit two cars, one behind the other in their parking space. One is a huge 4WD (SUV) and the other a very sporty, low to the ground almost brand new Toyota MR something. They are covered in a thick layer of dust and obviously have not been driven for a long time. Their value must be over $100,000.

Seemed odd so I made enquiries. I found out that the owners are Indonesian and they went home to Indonesia in mid December last year. They are a family with the children attending Melbourne University.

Further digging revealed that the postman had asked the building manager in mid January to clear their letter box and store their mail as he could not fit any more mail in their box.

They have seemingly disappeared and deserted their assets. It does make me wonder where in Indonesia they were on Boxing Day last year.


  1. ooooh can I have the keys to the apartment and the to the cars as well.

    But seriously, that could be a possibility. Most people including international students are already on their way back to Australia or they are already here.

    I would suggest that the authorities might need to be notified.

  2. Keep your mouth shut. Free car!

  3. Investigations are under way. Suppose there is not really any rush.

  4. Well whilst the investigation is underway, someone needs to baby sit the cars and apartment.