Friday, March 18, 2005

Late night emails

I have made the error of sending late night emails. You know, the ones that you feel embarrassed about the next morning. I am more cautious now and usually save an email or a post to the next morning for review.

But I really want to send this one now, but being the measured and focused person I am now, (and learnt some hard lessons about late night emails/sms/phone calls) I will save it till the morning.

But I would really like some opinions, if you are fast.


Good morning M.

While there are serious ongoing issues for The P which we hope will be dealt with, I am getting seriously annoyed about a simple maintenance matter, the pool air system not working. It has been off for over one month now.

While this email is cc to body corp committee members, it is very much a personal email from me as a property owner and resident of The P to our body corp managing company.

V C pointed out that ours, among other Central Equity properties, is not a good system. However, we have paid a lot in the past to maintain it and no doubt will so in the future and are prepared to do so.

So why doesn't the contracted maintenance company do so promptly?

One week maximum between notification of a fault and rectification seems reasonable.

Since it has not been working the pool metal girder rusting seems to have increased markedly.

Time line: Pool was empty and rust appeared but barely visible. Pool working at the end of 2004 and air working, pool rust increased a little. February/March, air not working and rust suddenly exploded in the metal girders.

This does not negate the underlying cause of rust to the girders, but if the air is working, it does seem to have an impact on the growth of rust.

I have spent three winters in the pool and spa with no air heating. I don't want to spend another. The pool air has worked only a few months of our three year time as Princeton residents. It is just not good enough.


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