Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The green electric

I have shamelessly stolen an idea from another blogger.

Green electricity! Is it as good? I believe you can now buy if for the same price (to be confirmed).

I like the idea but......... If I want to kill a fly, I use the strongest insecticide so that it goes down quickly and as an aside, does not suffer too long. I like my chemical cleaners. I did some time ago try environmentally friendly cleaners and they just were not effective. Give me the chemical cleaners that work. Burn that dirt off. Dissolve it.

But this green electric? Is it as good as the electric produced by dirty coal fired power stations, or environmentally questionable hydro power?

I think I want strong electricity, the stuff that makes things work. None of the wishy washy green electric that might peter out at any time, or just not be strong enough to drive the air con compressor. Would it be strong enough to drive a big set of bass speakers? I don't think so.

In fact perhaps I should move to a country that has nuclear fired power stations. Now wouldn't that be guaranteed to speed things up around the home. Brighter lights, colder fridge, quicker battery charging, the list could be endless.

Yep, let's go nuclear.

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