Thursday, March 03, 2005

GP correspondent report

No Andy.

It is no privilege to live near the grand pricks track. Our local park has been turned into a race track and I don't like it, but we moved here after it was established, so I am not going to complain too much. By all means put up a screen, it might block the noise a bit.

It was free today, so I went. It was crowded when crossing the pontoon bridge, but that was the only time. Given it was free, where were all the people?

Toilets, plenty, food plenty, drinks plenty and no queues, walking on the golf course, nice. Good perving? Surprisingly, no. It was all very well organised.

Upon entry with a bag, you were stopped and searched. No opened bottles of water were allowed. Culprits were made to empty their opened bottles. I told a blatant lie and got away with my bottle of Melbourne's best tap water. What do they think might be in the bottle? Vodka? You can buy it inside anyway. All about protecting vendors I suppose.

Something I have wondered about it the wildlife and how they handle it. The swans and another bird I have forgotten the name of were fine and enjoying the extra food. No sign of any ducks or other species though.

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