Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Variety is the spice of life

If you are talking about Melbourne's weather, we should be very spicy. Yesterday it reached 36 degrees, 92F, today it has not risen above 14 deg, 58F. It has brought constant rain all day, which we do need. There is now a stong cold wind blowing and it is still raining. I hate the heat, but if I never experienced it, I would hate the cold. As it is, I like the cold and the rain. I can live without the wind though. Although, a day of of still air and full sun, 30 deg, can feel worse than 38 deg with a hot wind. At least there is a breeze, no matter how hot it is.


  1. I'm just waiting for the car to float away from the back yard down the street.

  2. Hope it didn't happen :)

  3. nawh, but you would have needed floaties just to go to the car.