Monday, February 14, 2005

The Shipping News

It must be peak cruise liner time of the year for Melbourne. The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QEII) has been and gone, see pic, and the Sapphire Princess, see previous pic, has been and gone twice.

A week ago or so, I glanced out the window and saw an uncommercial looking ship arriving. I checked the port shipping site and learnt that it was the Sapphire Princess and when it would depart. It was an early departure, but I got up and snapped it.

I noticed at the port site, that the QUEII was due in. But six o’clock in the morning!!! I set my alarm and the buggery thing did not arrive until 7.30. It is quite eerie lying in bed looking out the window into the half light and seeing a shape appear on the horizon. It wasn’t lit up, just an impressive big ship.

Now when is it leaving? I checked and it said 1.00 on Sunday. Friends were visiting, so I told them to come at 12.30 and we could watch it leave.

I was ready for bed just after midnight Saturday night and thought I would just check if the time of departure had altered. Duh!!! It departs at 1.00, not 13.00 which it would be if was the next afternoon. Well, I am not staying up to see it. To bed. But it left early and I did see it blazing with lights.

The next morning, the Sapphire Princess returned, which I saw and then later departed, which I also saw.

The QUEII looks quite old fashioned compared to the Sapphire.

Anyway, enough ships for me for a while. That is unless the Queen Mary 2 visits.

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