Monday, February 28, 2005

Rent boys everywhere

We had a neighbour here who lived on the same floor as us who we thought maybe gay. We were fairly sure the night some ‘mate’ started to bust up his flat and he had to call the guard to get rid of him. To be fair, next morning he must have vacuumed up the bits of plaster on the landing.

It was not spoken about, but I guess we were pretty sure the day when we and us were in the lift together on Mother’s Day, and he meekly wished us ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

We met his semi live in friend, a young man who was very nice, very friendly, very straight, but………..slightly too nicely dressed.

We spotted our neighbour in a smart restaurant in Chapel St having lunch with two very attractive young men.

We noticed some comings and goings of some very attractive young men to his apartment. Lest you think it was daily, no, just maybe once a month we would see someone.

So we concluded, correctly I think, that he likes rent boys, and likes rough trade, not really overtly gay boys.

For complicated reasons, he decided to move from his rented flat to another rented flat in the building, just a couple of floors up. So we no longer came across his rent boys on the landing, although once or twice in the lift.

Not long after he moved upstairs, we came home and he was in the lift and was very ‘happy’. He invited us up for a drink and in the short time we were there we learnt quite a lot about him. Although he rents, he certainly does not live on $500 a week. He had been seriously wealthy in the past but lost a lot at some point. Even tonight when we saw him, he was off to see Cher with a $495 ticket in his hand, front row.

Yesterday we had a lovely day. A trip to Bunnings in Altona, a stop in Williamstown for a late lunch, a bit of supermarket shopping and home at three. But brunch was a while ago and we were hungry, so at four we went across the road, hoping the café was open, but no, it closed at 2.30. Ah well, perhaps a bite in the world wide Scottish restaurant. We rarely do it.

The two subjects above are connected, be patient.

We sat in the window, watching the trams, cars, people and world go past. Some young man turned up and stood in front of us outside the Scottish restaurant. He was very nice looking and looked very straight. He did have very expensively done hair, blonde, his tee was a label one that I can’t recall the name of, his jeans sat perfectly, expensive shoes and sunglasses. He stood in front of the Scottish restaurant smoking a Dunhill. He went in, ordered and came back out and had another cigarette. Boy, is he a heavy smoker. He went back in and collected his order, two paper bags full of Scottish restaurant food and trotted off.

We noticed him, but in a distant way. Nothing relevant to us. Just casual observing, people watching, as you do. If asked, I would have said he was a very classy metrosexual.

Now our tums were satisfied with Scottish restaurant food, we left, crossed the road to home and decided a swim in the pool would be nice. A quick check, and yes, no one is down there, so down we went.

Bit of a swim and then into the spa. It is always nice to have a spa when you are with a loved one, but after a long time of being together, you don’t talk about romantic stuff. You talk about where you live, jobs, friends, the building. You gaze around, look at anyone who is on their balcony and reflected in the building behind.

I was gazing around, and who should I see on a balcony, but the guy who was in front of us at the Scottish restaurant. He was again smoking and, on the balcony of the flat that our previous neighbour now lives in.

Another one of his rent boys.

Ok, that was all. I am just off now to check my last superannuation statement.

Oh, just to add. It wasn't an accident last night. I think a car drove over the median strip and buckled two wheels. The car is sitting in the bus stop today.

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