Saturday, February 05, 2005

Pride march

Last Sunday was Gay Pride March Day. We stop the trams and traffic in Fitzroy St, St Kilda and march or watch and party a little bit afterwards. Quite a number of straight people do too. Whether that is in a supportive way or just for gig at the poofs and lezzos, who knows.

I have been to every Pride March and this was the tenth. I did not make a point of it, it just happened that way. If asked, I would have said it was the fifth. Hard to believe it is the tenth. The first time we went, me without my partner, but with friends, we joined in at a late stage with what we thought looked and interesting group of people. Turned out to be the Prostitutes Collective.

This year we had the support and participation of Princes Hill Secondary School, from Carlton I think. Not sure if I have the name right, but anyway, good on ya guys and gals. Much appreciated and maybe next year it might be Broadmeadows Secondary or even Narre Warren Horth Secondary.

Cyncical old creep that I am, I do get quite a buzz out of Pride March. Organisers fight to keep it low key and just marching groups. No floats, no big trucks with dancing boys, no bare breasted girls. It is quite nice. Fitzroy Street traders do pretty well out of it too. What a great venue is the new Fitzroy Street venue, the Saint, the where Joy Melbourne held their sausage sizzle. I did enjoy your sausage Benny.

What might have spoilt the evening would have been some very pissed queen staggering around Catani Gardens and perhaps bumping into me, but no danger of that. Drinkers were effectively queued, controlled and restricted to an area. Just like baby toddlers are. Our friends that we had to seperate from, I hope understood how thirsty we were.

For Street Party, if it ever happens again, Pride March after event, and Carnival, what is wrong with corralling the whole area and letting in more that one beverage vendor? As usual, I am sure dollars are behind it. Yes, I know about the council regulations, but what use is a gay mayor then? Or a gay deputy mayor, or a greens council? When was the last trouble caused by drinkers at these events?

But Pride March is a good day and I was pleased to be there for the tenth.

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  1. Andrew: Thanks so much for posting the Gay Pride march. Sure wish I was there to celebrate.
    I love Melbourne so much. I try to visit as often as I can.
    Hoping to get back next year.
    I will continue to read your posts to keep in touch. Big hugs.