Sunday, February 27, 2005

PC Rage

No, not my own. Mine, as previously mentioned, is not a bad machine. Windows XP Pro seems pretty good. I have Telstra cable internet which mostly works fast and well. Our building is backbone wired, so there. It is rare that I am tempted to chuck it out the window, not that I am that sort of person. I am more the type that has huge self control, a master of silent insolence and before chucking a pc out the window, I would do the sums, dollar and personal, as to what it would cost me as against the satisfaction gained. I expect people like me are consumed by cancer at an early age.

But I was stumped tonight. We helped friends with their pc. Fixed up a few things, sorted out some stuff, scandisked, defragged, updated virus checker, cleared temp folders, got rid of some spyware and nasty dial up sites. Good work. But they cannot send emails. They can receive them, no problem. Browser works fine.

I checked all the settings against the Primus site. All was well. They have dial up and only one phone line. Called the helpless desk, or should that be tech suppositery. Went through all the settings again, established there was no firewall, turned off virus checker, still cannot send. Helpless desk suggest I write down the error message and to ping the outgoing and incoming mail receiver. I did this after hanging up and recorded and printed the results and left it for our friends to have a go themselves tomorrow. It was already so late.

I will check tomorrow evening as to how they went. Very frustrating. It must be something simple, but overlooked.

I, like most Telstra customers, love to complain about Telstra but gee, it is a much more pleasant experience dealing with their tech support than IPrimus. There was the bored tone to the voice, the rote reading from the help file, the lack of any interest and a lack of any personal knowledge, experience or ideas input. All I could overlook, if it was delivered in a friendly tone.

But it wasn't. Telstra is the exact opposite. They don't always get it right and I have wasted considerable time trying to fix things on my pc that were a fault at their end, but that was a lack of the person being informed about outages etc. Telstra tech support is more helpful, more interested, more friendly, more personal, more knowledgeable, more honest, less waiting time, better follow up........ I could go on. But of course if I need to use Telstra tech support, then I quickly whinge about the wait in queue, all the buttons on the phone you have to press etc etc.

But that is nothing compared the lack of service from IPrimus. Lest you think it was one bad experience, no, it is the fourth time I have called their helpdesk on behalf of our friends. One of them called the help desk himself last week and he is very even tempered, but he ended up slamming the phone down on the bitchy queen at the other end.

Primus internet and their service sucks. Sue me if you like Mr Primus. You won't win, coz it is the truth.

Now, has that driven the price of my meager Telstra shareholding up half a cent?

Oops, screech of tyres (tires?) outside and and a hit.............rear end collision, girls doing the biffo and mobiles (cells, hands) glowing everywhere.

Sorry sis in law, we were out battling with a pc when you were on your way home from the Cher concert. Hope you enjoyed it.

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