Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Painful printer

We have one of those all in one units now, our third printer. The first we gave away to a friend. It was a waste of money buying the second as it was not much better and it being an Epsom, tried to restrict us in many many ways. It tried to make it difficult for us to use non Epsom ink in it. We gave that one too to friends.

I am increasingly impressed by new technology. It seems much better that the old stuff, more reliable etc. I put our all in one in this catergory. It prints, scans, copies and can fax. It works efficiently and quietly and the cost of ink is quite reasonable.

But a couple of weeks ago, I needed to copy a couple of docs. I put them in, it copied and printed a bit of the first line. I inserted waste paper to continue. Lucky I did. It did this many times as I tried everything I could think of, included closing virus checker and firewall. I downloaded the latest drivers from the Lexmark website. They were huge.

With hardware problems, in the past, I have tried uninstalling drivers and resinstalling them with never any success.

So what, I will waste more time on this machine that I thought was wonderful and is now turning into a huge disappointment.

I uninstalled the software, restarted the pc, inserted the cd into the drive and re-installed the software. To my astonishment, the printer then copied the doc as it should.

It is guess only, but I suspect a previous software update that I had installed from Lexmark's update site. If it ain't broke, don't fix it should be all computer user's motto.


  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    Hi Andrew,

    Over a period of several years of computer usage, I have only ever had Hewlett Packard printers - 2 to be precise. The first "steam-driven" printer still chugs along, but is unused. The second is a whiz-bang colour printer/copier/scanner, that suited my needs better.
    HP make the best printers for computer usage - methinks. The only problem is that you can't refill the ink cartridges. Oh well. Glad to read that you finally got your printer to work - sometimes computers can cause much gnashing of teeth and loss of hair !!!!! Bloody technology - or that just my age showing!!!! LOL


  2. We too used to refill cartridges, but cannot successfully with the Lexmark. Truble with many printers, including ours, is that they don't get enough use and may sit there for weeks unused.