Monday, February 28, 2005

Jell's Park

Had to catch up with ma (mother). Suggested we meet at Village Green Hotel for lunch as my guest. (That means, I pay, and boy did I pay).

After lunch we went to Jell's Park for coffee (again I paid) and whatever we found there. Jell's Park is great. I had never been before. It was one very packed park but so nice. I counted I think 12 sporting activities happening. Kids on bikes with trainer wheels, and what comes before that.

We sat on a bench under a tree, chatting, looking at photos, watching people. It was warm, but not too hot.

At 4pm latin music started, just made it even better.

A thoroughly gorgeous afternoon.

Family oriented readers, do go there. It is nice.

1 comment:

  1. Jells Park is somewhere I haven't been to in years, probably not since when I was in Grade 5 or so.

    I remember it to be a pretty cool place. There's not many places in Melbourne you can go these days to get away from the noise and traffic.

    Jells Park and Yarra Bend Park (and it's surrounds) are the only ones that really come to mind.