Friday, February 11, 2005

Here is the news

To save you searching the net for interesting news stories, I have done it for you today.

The largest Ikea store in England has just opened in North London. A crowd of six thousand turned up for the bargains. There was a crowd crush, a stabbing, abandoned cars and nine ambulances were required.

I am old enough to not have grown up with Ikea. For some of you, it is all you have known and you will never have had the pleasure of shopping for a three-piece deer hide lounge suite at Maples.

PS. It is perhaps a sad and empty life you might think I have, but I am excited. Tomorrow the QE II docks in Melbourne. I have from now until eight in the morning to learn how to take decent long distance shots.


  1. Hey, Andrew, cool blog. And no, I won't say your life is sad and empty, or else I'd have to admit the sadness and emptiness of my own ;-) Have fun w/ the QE II tomorrow!

  2. Awww, shucks little sister. That is a nice thing to say. :)